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You’re excited and you’ve worked hard to get to this point. You’ve put money away for a down payment, you’ve diligently taken measures to improve your credit score and now’s the time to find your perfect home. We are excited for you and we’ve been there holding the hand of many new homeowners and all of our experience and wisdom, we share with you. Yes, there will be disappointments or bumps along the way, but we assure you that closing on your new home - it’s one of the greatest feelings you’ll ever have.


Choose a Realtor that you are comfortable with and trust. We have a wide variety of Scout agents ready to make your dream of homeownership come true. No one will be offended, just choose someone you click with. Your agent will spend about thirty minutes assessing your readiness to purchase and what steps are next - your buyer consultation. We suggest doing this in person over a cup of coffee or lunch, or any time convenient for you.



Get pre-approved by a reputable, local lender. We can help match you to the best lender for your situation and, yes, personality. Your lender will be an integral part of the transaction so it’s crucial there is a great working relationship established early on.



View and tour properties. We tend to share properties electronically to gather your feedback - likes and dislikes. From there, we are more able to narrow down your search to properties that you’ll be most interested in. Once we’ve identified good candidates, we’ll schedule appointments and tour properties in person. This is always the most interesting and fun part of the homebuying process.



When you've found a property that you love, we'll dig deep to ensure that you are offering the right terms to make it yours. We start with a thorough history of the property, neighborhood and comparable sales. Often times, this is straight forward, but other times, we may need to factor in repairs or concessions or take into account the type of loan program you are using. Regardless, Scout agents are committed to protecting your best interests as a homebuyer.



Once your offer is accepted, we will walk through the critical next steps called due diligence - home inspection, termite inspection and appraisal. In some cases, repairs will be in order and we will help you through contracting with the best vendors to ensure a smooth closing. 



Last, as you near closing, we will communicate ancillary things you need to do such as obtaining homeowner's insurance and transferring utilities. On closing day there will be both excitement and exhaustion as you finalize financing details, execute title paperwork and move in. At Scout, we pride ourselves on helping you anticipate necessary tasks and avoid surprises. After closing, we are only a phone or text away from answering questions in the event something comes up. We will remain your trusted advisor well beyond closing.

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