Why Scout?

Use Your Current Location

SCOUT [skout]  noun 1. a person sent out to obtain information; 2. an act or instance of reconnoitering, inspecting, observing, etc.  verb  1. to seek, search for

Scout Realtor Group was created to do one thing: scout the best homes, property, locations, services and resources for our customers and clients. Our team of experienced, local real estate professionals bring to the table diverse talents, knowledge and skills that are generously shared. We choose to collaborate, not compete, and in doing so we find that growth is liberated. What does that mean for our customers and clients? It means endless benefits. Our profession is selling real estate, but our job is reaching goals  - your goals. We often employ a network of industry-related professionals to help us get the job done. From designers to architects, painters to movers, remodelers to builders, professional photographers to videographers, Scout’s mission is to search and find the people to make it happen.